“The guys get shirts!!”

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be in Atlantic City as part of the World Tavern Trivia Championships.  The team that recruited me for their squad, Stir Crazy, is one of the top trivia squads in the Hudson Valley, and they had an open spot on their roster for me.

This is good.  I’m ready to play.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been communicating with Stir Crazy’s team captain Tim Rich about various and sundry details for the team.  The squad needs a banner or a flag for the event.  Tim sent me a design that incorporated the team’s name “Stir Crazy” with a bowl of images and icons, all stirred together.  I said it looked good, and if they could add one more image – a picture of the RCA Victor “His Master’s Voice” dog and gramophone for me – that would be fantastic.  It was added.

Then, a couple of days ago, Tim contacted me.  “I’ve made the team shirts up.  Can I send you yours?”

Woah.  We get shirts?

Yeah.  We get shirts, boyo.

And yesterday, when I got home, there was a padded overnight envelope at my door.

Yep.  Shirt had arrived.

Here’s a pic.

shirts 1Nice.  With shirts like these, we’re going to take care of all these other trivia squads.  We’re gonna slice them up like a hammer.

So yeah.  In all the years I’ve played competitive team trivia, I’ve seen many trivia teams who have designed their own team-branded T-shirts.  I did it one year as well; there’s about four or five “Street Academy” trivia T-shirts floating around the Capital District somewhere.  I’m betting that a couple of my ex-teammates from that time period are probably using the shirts for dusting rags or for sopping up motor oil spills.

There was also the year that I participated in a combined All-Star trivia team for a game at the Ruck.  It was basically formed by people who would love to play on a trivia team with me, so long as the trivia team name wasn’t “Street Academy.”  As one of my teammates at the time, my friend Donna, said to me, “When we played against you in trivia, you were our nemesis.”

Thus we had the team name of “We Are Your Nemesis, Fear Us.”  And Donna made us all team T-shirts.  I still have mine and I wear it from time to time.

So here’s a shot of the Stir Crazy logo.

shirts 3And as you can see, there’s a ton of iconography in this logo.  Presidents and dictators, pyramids and statues, and even a flop-eared fox terrier who gazes at a gramophone’s horn.  Sweet.

Kinda wish they included my other suggestion, as well.

See, for me, “Stir Crazy” brings back memories of the 1981 Gene Wilder – Richard Pryor comedy.  I remember seeing “Stir Crazy” with my high school buds way back at Cine 1-2-3-4-5-6 in Northway Mall.

The best scene in “Stir Crazy” was when Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder are thrown in jail, and they have to survive the prison population.  Pryor starts walking down the halls with what appears to be a Ric Flair strut, encouraging Wilder to participate to look tough.  And Wilder does.  Here’s the clip, I’d embed it but it does have some barnyard language in it.

It’s a nice shirt, though…  You know… I’m really looking forward to this trivia competition.  It’s gonna be fun.

Oh wait… there’s something on the back of the shirt.


shirts 2Yep.  The very lines from the Stir Crazy movie.

They DID use my suggestion as part of the shirt.


Man, this is going to be so much fun.  A trivia competition, a road trip to Atlantic City…

Yeah.  That’s right.

We bad.

We bad.

We ready to bang.

Can’t wait.