The 2016 World Tavern Trivia Championships … Part 3

Monday morning.  And the Stir Crazy trivia team is walking around the casino, our blue-white T-shirts in full view, and we’re asked by every other person who sees us, “Where are you from?” “What bar did you play out of?” You know… questions like that.

And now it’s time for the third quarter.  Another batch of six rounds, ten questions per round, you can get ten points for every correct answer and you can double down on one of the last three rounds.

All we cared about was scoring more than 600 of a possible 700 points.  Allowing for challenges and scoring adjustments, we now held a 40-point lead over our closest competitors.  And we also knew that going into the fourth round, our lowest game score would be tossed.  So if someone had a rotten first game, and a good second and third game, they would be scored only on their two highest games.

Well, if we can still score between 600 and 700 points… we would still hold a nice advantage.

And right off the bat, we started hitting questions left and right.  We hit 7 out of 10 on the first round, knowing that Melodrium was the banned substance that Maria Sharapova took; we knew that the Stadium Pal was an invention to help people privately pee without missing any of the ball game (or as they call it in Boston, the “Wicked Pissah”), and that the most popular downloaded app in the iPhone store was Trivia Crack.

We got stronger in later rounds, averaging everything from 8 to 10 questions correctly, and scoring 180 points by doubling down on another round.  We even won a challenge regarding how many more states border Canada than border Mexico – there were questions about what was considered a “border” – land versus water – and we also said that Alaska also borders Canada.  In the end, the host tossed the question and awarded everyone the points.

Then came a halftime break.  See, in yesterday’s game, there was a halftime contest regarding who knew more about superheroes and comic books.  Each team sent up a representative, and if you answered two comic book questions right, you came back for today’s challenge.  Yep, Todd McFarlane created Spawn.  Yep, Daily Bugle’s publisher is J. Jonah Jameson.  See you tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow was today… and I went up there with nine other trivia players, in a game called “Get Kicked Out of Your Mom’s Basement,” or something like that.  It was a glorified version of “Mother, May I,” but the contestants – us – were dressed as stereotypical nerds.  Yep, black hornrimmed glasses with white tape, pocket protectors, bowties, combs stuck in hair – or, as I call it, Chuck’s experiences in eighth grade.

But in the end, your man won the challenge – yes, Kit Walker’s secret identity is the Phantom, Britt Reid is the Green Hornet, and Superman’s arch-enemy that lacks vowels in his name is Mr. Mxyzptlk.  My grand prize?

They gave me a Superman pajama onesie for winning the contest.  Yep, complete with cape and zip-up front.  No, I didn’t take any pictures of it.  No, I don’t think anyone else did.  No, I’m not going to put it on and model it for you.  If I do that, I know at least three Times Union staff bloggers who will appropriate it and clown me in their blogs.  Can’t give them any ammunition.

In the end, we hit a perfect 10-for-10 round by identifying comic book characters with the decade of their debuts, going from the 1920’s (Tintin) to the 2010’s (the current Ms. Marvel).  Our cumulative score?  610 out of a possible 700.

Fourth round coming up this afternoon.  All the point values are doubled.

We’ve come this far.

We can’t stop now.