K-Chuck Radio: If you change the pitch…

Musicians spend years writing the songs that eventually become popular hits.  And all it takes is one person to slightly adjust the pitch … and now the song sounds like someone who tried to qualify for American Idol without any … oh, how shall we say it … talent.

YouTube user Pluffnub has taken some of pop music’s most iconic songs … and with a slight tweak to the vocals, taking them down a half-step and out of key … turned them into painful blood-inducing earworms.  It almost sounds as if the singers are about as happy to be there as if they were scheduled for a horseradish-flavored root canal.

You want to get someone mad at you?  Put one of these videos on their Facebook page.  It’s half-laughter and half-anger.  What is that … langter?

Ha ha, I digress.

Anyways… check these clips out.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Or maybe I did.

Hungry Like the Wolf.

Take On Me

I Was Made For Loving You

Bohemian Rhapsody

Man In The Box

And finally… everybody’s favorite Rickroll…

Never Gonna Give You Up

Just remember… I did warn you.  Honest I did.

(hee hee hee hee hee…)