The attack of the clawed naval orange (or navel orange)

Yesterday morning, I got up, went to my fridge, and pulled out a freshly-purchased navel orange.  Now a few things to mention about this.  I’ve enjoyed oranges for breakfast, whether they’ve been as part of a glass of orange juice, or as their own nutritious source of freshly-peeled Vitamin C.

And over my lifetime, I’ve mixed up the homophone of “navel orange” (a seedless orange that has its own distinctive belly button) and “naval orange” (an orange that sailed across the ocean just to brighten up my breakfast table).  I know it’s properly “navel” orange, but I still like that concept of crateloads of nutritious and delicious fruit that sailed over the seven seas, just to reach its final destination as part of my morning routine.

Yesterday was no different.  I recently purchased about half a dozen large oranges from Price Chopper, and they sat chilling away in my fridge.  Yawn.  Morning, Chuck.  Grab an orange out of the fridge and –


Okay, it’s obvious.  I’m not awake yet.  But damn… that’s one gnarly looking navel.  Or naval, perhaps this is a water demon escaping from the depths of the ocean to claw through my morning with its black-tipped nails.

Only one thing to do when you have something like this startle you in the morning.

You take a picture of it.

And I did.

Something’s trying to claw it’s way out of my morning naval orange…

A photo posted by Chuck Miller (@kchuckradio) on May 23, 2016 at 4:39am PDT


So yeah … this.  And don’t give me grief about my misuse of “it’s” versus “its,” I was barely awake when I posted this picture on Instagram.

And now comes the big question…

“When the hell did Chuck Miller finally join the 21st century and set up an Instagram account?”

Well, I set it up over the weekend.  I’m still working on what to do with an Instagram account… I guess one of the things you do with an Instagram account is that you post pictures of your meals, so that claw-footed orange certainly qualifies as same.

Plus, this BlackBerry PRIV of mine now allows me easy access to uploading my adventures on Instagram, much more so than my previous phones did.  By the way, have I ever told you how much I love this BlackBerry phone?  Just in case I haven’t said so lately… 🙂

So yeah, this was a veiled blog post to let everyone know that I am now one of the millions of people with an Instagram account.  If you feel like following my Instagram adventures, whatever they might be … feel free to do so.

Oh yeah, that … and sometimes my morning meals can wake me up without my even cooking food or peeling it open.