That’s not how a washing machine works …

Came across this yesterday while reading Deadspin.  And the fact that I’m sharing these clips with you is … well, I’m not really sure what to think.

Apparently there’s a new television commercial for some sort of washing machine product.  In the commercials, a woman is washing clothes – only to suddenly be approached by a man who may have some, shall we say, intimate wishes.  Suddenly there’s an incident next to the washing machine … and …

Nah.  Just watch this for yourself.

This is for a Chinese laundry detergent called Qiaobi (俏比).

Um… I don’t know what to say about this.  Other than it’s racist, it’s offensive and — the most important thing —

It’s a ripoff.

A ripoff, mind you, of an even more offensive commercial, this time for an Italian laundry detergent, which dates back to as early as 2006.

I don’t think either of these commercials are that funny.  Maybe if they were the equivalent of Saturday Night Live outtakes or something, I suppose… but, still…

Just know that if anybody ever did a commercial like this for a domestic laundry detergent, fabric softener or bleach, the advertising agency would be thrown out of the tallest window on Madison Avenue.

And rightly so.