Donald Trump, meet Lebanon Levi

Please tell me this isn’t true.

Oh wait… maybe it is true.  And if it is, it’s even funnier.

Apparently, in an attempt to influence party votes in certain swing states, a new political action committee has been established – its goal is to get Amish and Mennonites to the polling places, and hopefully to elect Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton and/or Bernie Sanders.

Yep… there is now an Amish PAC.

According to a report by the Religion News Service, an organization is betting nearly $41,000 to help get the Amish vote in swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio – and to get the Plain Folk to support Donald Trump.

According to this article in LancasterOnline, the people behind this effort are Ben Walters, who worked on the Ben Carson political campaign; and Taylor Swindle, a former top aide to Newt Gingrich.  Their plan is to advertise with print media – newspapers and billboards – to convince Amish voters to pledge allegiance to the Grand Old Party.

Donald Kraybill, an expert on Amish culture and history, has his own valid opinions about the Amish PAC and Donald Trump’s involvement with it.

But see, here’s the thing.  You don’t need to spend $41,000 to buy billboards and newspaper ads.

You want to influence Amish thinking?

You want to reach out to Amish neighborhoods?

Forget the Amish PAC.

Call these guys.

That’s right, kids… we’re talking Lebanon Levi, Jolin, Alvin and John… oh yeah, and don’t forget Caleb…

And, of course, Esther Freeman Schmucker, the most bad-ass Amish woman ever.

So do we really need Donald Trump getting involved with the Amish?  Does Donald Trump support the beliefs and positions of the Plain Folk from Lancaster County?  Will he support the efforts of Merlin Miller and Mary Troyer as they form their new Amish settlement in Holmes County, Ohio or wherever they’re planning to locate?

And most importantly… could Donald Trump finally get the Esther Freeman Schmucker spinoff pilot, The Rise and Return, off the ground and on the air?

Yeah, I’m still not sure this is the way to go.  Then again, between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, I’m still reserving my vote.

Because I’m not a fan of pandering for electoral votes.

Even if it somehow means Lebanon Levi returns to my television screens.