When I say “watch the birdie,” I mean it

Honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t taken a Florida vacation before now.  But I’m glad I’m doing so now.

Yesterday, I was at the beach, and I had an idea.

I could rent a fishing pole and do some fishing off the long wooden pier…

Nah.  I have a better idea.

Every so often, I would see one of the local tiny birds pick up whatever scrap morsels or uncovered bait somebody left on the pier.  Now if I could get the birds to hold still for a few moments, I could get a nice picture.

But what kind of bait to use…

The bait shop suggested I buy a package of frozen shrimp, soak it in water for a couple of minutes, and then leave some shrimps on the pier.  “They’ll steal it before you take it out of the bag,” the baitmaster said to me.

Okay… I’m game.

One bag of frozen shrimp later…

I left a few little shrimp heads on the pier.  No birds.  Nothing.

I turned my back for a few seconds… and the shrimps disappeared.

No, they didn’t swim off on their own… I saw one of the little birdies flying off, a chunk of frozen shrimp dangling from his beak.

Sneaky little birdies…

Eventually, I did get some photos of birds with my shrimp bait, but those were taken with one of my film cameras, and you’ll have to wait until those get developed.

That being said…

I was still able to get at least one little birdie photo, with plenty of patience and persistence.  Mostly patience.

Snuck up on the little guy.

Watch the birdie, birdie.


Got him.


Shot the bird.

No, I didn’t “shoot” the bird in that equal euphemism for counting with my middle fingers.

And as soon as I figure out who this hungry little guy is…

I should have some more bird photos once my film gets developed.

Let’s put it this way.

McGreevy Pro Lab is gonna be busy when I get back to the 518.