K-Chuck Radio: More lost 1970’s hits

On today’s edition of K-Chuck Radio, I bring to you a bunch of 1970’s classic Top 40 hits that, at the time of their release, were all over the radio; but today, it’s almost as if they’ve completely disappeared.

It wasn’t that the songs stopped being enjoyable; most oldies stations today have a playlist of about 300 songs, and after you’ve played all the Elvis Presley and Beatles and Elton John tracks, what’s left?

Let’s start with:

Do What You Wanna Do

Not much is known about this Los Angeles studio group, yet this was their one and only Top 40 hit.  This group had tight harmonies, and they deserved at least a follow-up track.

I Ain’t Got Time Anymore

This New Jersey band’s one hit was produced by novelty “break-in” auteur Dickie Goodman.  Trivia note: When this song actually made the Top 40, the radio countdown show American Top 40 accidentally played the song’s B-side as the “hit,” and by the time they realized their mistake, the original A-side fell off the Top 40 charts.

I’ll Always Love My Mama

The Intruders were part of the Philadelphia International hitmaking machine that brought us the O’Jay’s, Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, and Billy Paul.  And although it felt like the Intruders got lost in that mix, they did have this monster dance hit in 1973.

Lizzie and the Rainman

This country-pop track creased the Top 40 for a few weeks, and it’s the kind of track that a teenaged country singer would release to a massive cross-over audience.  I wonder if Tanya Tucker still considers this song as an integral part of her career.

One Fine Morning

This horn-rock band’s biggest hit clawed its way to the Top 10 of the pop charts, but even today this track is barely heard on oldies stations – and if it is, it’s in a heavily edited two-minutes-or-less chopped-up track.  But this is K-Chuck Radio, a station that’s not afraid to play the full-length tracks.

Mozart S.40

This is what happens when someone gets an idea to integrate a classical composition into a contemporary orchestration.  Laugh if you must, but realize that this song actually predated the “Hooked on Classics” medleys by at least half a decade.

Games That Lovers Play

Is it just me, or did the producers mess up the recording levels in that the drummer is the lead instrument in this track?  Just sayin’ is all…

The Last Game of the Season (The Blind Man in the Bleachers)

Every so often, you might hear David Geddes’ biggest Top 40 hit, the over-the-top “Run Joey Run.”  This was the follow-up track, and it has all the requisite heart-pulling moments.


No, it’s not about the boxer.  No, it’s not about Bullwinkle’s sidekick.  It’s actually one of those “we fell in love, had a kid, and she died” Top 40 songs.  Can you believe there’s actually a genre of music that encompasses this subject matter?  Yeah, me neither.


I swear, back in the 70’s when Schenectady radio station 3WD was a top 40 powerhouse radio station, they played this song every hour on the hour.  Today?  This is probably the first time you’ve heard this track in months.  Amirite?

So crank up those speakers and have a great day, as brought to you by the best Internet YouTube-linked blogging radio station out there, K-Chuck Radio!