Remember the Dallas police officers’ names…

The world woke up on Friday morning, and heard tragedy from the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas.  During what started as a peaceful protest against the recent murders of black men at the hands of police officers, something that night went horribly wrong.

And by the time Friday morning arrived, five Dallas police officers were killed.  Murdered.  They were doing their job – protecting what was a peaceful march and protest and gathering – and were senselessly slain for no other reason than a crazed sniper wanted to kill police officers.

This morning, I want to share the names of the fallen police officers with you.  A more detailed biography can be found at this link; and if we remember the names and lives of Tamir Rice and Freddie Gray and Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, let us also remember these victims as well.

  • Brent Thompson was an officer with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit department.  He was a recent newlywed, and served the community with DART for the past seven years.  He was 43 years old, and was the first officer from the DART program killed in the line of duty since the formation of DART in 1989.
  • Patrick Zamarripa was an officer with the Dallas Police Department, and had served the local community for the past five years.  Prior to that, he served three tours of duty in Iraq, protecting the country’s oil rigs as the nation rebuilt its infrastructure.  He left behind a wife and two children.  He was 32.
  • Michael Krol was an officer with the Dallas Police Department, graduating from their police academy in 2008.  He was originally from Detroit, where he worked as a prison guard.  He was 40 years old.
  • Michael Smith was a sergeant with the Dallas Police Department.  The former Army Ranger recently received the “Cop’s Cop” award from the Dallas Police Association.  He was married for the past seventeen years, and had two teenage daughters.  He was 55.
  • Lorne Ahrens was a senior corporal with the Dallas Police Department.  Prior to joining the Dallas force in 2002, he served for a decade in the Los Angeles police department as a law enforcement technician.  He died at the age of 48, survived by his wife and two daughters.

Remember those names.  Remember that they served the community, to protect them against those who would cause harm.  They ran toward the danger in an effort to stop the worst sniper attack in the city’s history in over 50 years.  They died in the crosshairs of a person whose sole mission was to kill police officers.

Please remember the names of these officers, as well as all others whose lives were cut short.

Because to forget these names … is to suggest that their lives were not worth remembering.