Some Jerk with a Camera goofs on Disneyland’s opening day!

I’ve known Tony Goldmark for many years.  We actually met at – at all places – a “Weird Al” Yankovic convention back in 2000.  Yes, I went to a “Weird Al” Yankovic convention.  I went to two of them.  Live with it.

Tony also enjoyed “Weird Al’s” work in comedy and parody, and he later produced some of his own parody work.  Probably Tony’s best-known parody is this riff on Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” that pays homage to the Harry Potter universe.  Take a listen.  Funny stuff.

I didn’t post this clip just to give props to an old parody song, though.  Currently, Tony Goldmark produces videos under the aegis of “Some Jerk With a Camera.”  They’re quite funny and satirical, and he shows his sharp wit in skewering most things Disney (I think he’s up to three chapters of reviewing the secretly-filmed-inside-Disney’s-parks movie Escape From Tomorrow).  Yeah, just ask him about Escape From Tomorrow.  As far as Tony’s concerned, that’s the second-greatest movie ever made – every other film in the world is in a tie for first place.

And this week, Tony – along with collaborators Spazz Master and Doggans – have added commentary to the legendary 1955 (or is it 1956?) Disneyland opening day television special.  And they do it as an homage to another great comedy show, Mystery Science Theater 3000, in which the commentators riff mercilessly upon cheezy movie clips and such.

I should warn you ahead of time, there might be some language on this clip that may be inappropriate for children.  That being said…

Here’s part 1 of Some Jerk With a Camera’s riffing on the 60-year-old Disneyland TV special.  Enjoy.

If you want to see more Tony Goldmark “Some Jerk With a Camera” videos, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel, and you can also support him through his Patreon page.