Hey phone scammer … sing along with me!!

My tolerance for telephone scammers, robocallers and unsolicited solicitations, varies from day to day.  Sometimes I just hang up on them.  Sometimes I tell them I’m not interest and hang up on them.  And sometimes I want to have some fun.

This is one of those times when I want to have fun.

Yesterday, I was still a bit sleepy from my photographing the Perseid meteor shower and getting that awesome shot of the meteor zinging past the handle of the Big Dipper.  And then …

Phone call.  “Private Number” on the caller ID.

Hey, maybe my wish came true and Priyanka Chopra’s in town and she needs an all-day escort to show her the tourist areas, take her to dinner, and then …

Nope.  Caller on the other end of the phone line may be Indian, but no way is that Priyanka Chopra.

In fact, whoever that clown is, the only reason they’re calling me is to try to worm their way into my computer, add some malware or ransomware, and then try to extort money from me.  And he started off the call by asking for “Charles Miller.”  Does this chisel-head not know that calling me “Charles” already puts two strikes against him?

Not in the mood, binky.  In fact, I decided to go the South Park route… and I told this clown that I had a very slow computer with viruses and malware, and it takes some time to warm the system up.  So much time, in fact, that I sing a little song while the computer goes through all its systems.

Yep.  I did my “scary-oke” karaoke version of my favorite Styx song.

The scammer didn’t even make it through the intro before he gave up and went away.

Maybe I picked the wrong song.  Should I have gone instead with maybe Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son” or Boston’s “Peace of Mind”?  Oh, I know, I know, maybe next time I should sing a song by this artist.

Because let’s face it, it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to Priyanka Chopra in my lifetime.  #hahahahaha