The Workplace Charity Trivia Event 2016

This year, in addition to my regular trivia runs, I’ve also had fun as a “hired hand” for other teams.  Earlier this year, I helped the Stir Crazy trivia team claim second place overall in the World Tavern Trivia Championships, and last night my friend Kat Brown asked if I would return to the Trinity Alliance of the Capital District trivia team.


Last year, I participated in the Trinity Alliance team, and we came in fourth place.  A trivia team of Times Union staffers won the night’s event.  So I thought that maybe the TU staffers would want to cement their victory in 2015 by hiring me in 2016.  I mean, I’ve only been blogging on the TU portal for the past seven-plus years…

Nope.  No calls from the TU.  Well, I guess between that and what a staff blogger said about me after all these years of generating clickthroughs for the Hearst Corporation, I know where I stand.   They don’t want me.  Meh.

So when Kat Brown gave me a call and asked if I wanted to join up with Trinity Alliance again for the Workplace Charity Trivia Challenge (presented by SEFCU), I said yes.

Plus … we got shirts.  Shirts with Rick Astley’s face.  Although we were officially known in the game as Trinity Alliance of the Capital District, our shirts made us the Trivia Rick Rollers.  Which essentially meant that we would be together forever.

Yep… his OTHER Top 40 hit.

So here we go.  I saw a few familiar faces at the event – Sim and his wife from the trivia championship team Stern Fans were there, while I recognized some people from the Equinox charity (the charity for whom I deliver turkey dinners on Thanksgiving).

And you know what I don’t get to do on Thanksgiving?  Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  So let’s just watch a clip of it, you and I…

And over in the front table – the “champions’ table,” if you will – were the Times Union trivia team, complete with “Times Union” baseball jerseys in faux Red Sox script.  Granted, I wanted to go over there and talk some smack about “you had a chance to hire me for the team, and you passed on it,” but I thought better of it.  Talk smack after the game, not before or during.  Don’t get baited.

The 60-question trivia format worked in this manner.  A question was asked, and five possible answers appeared on a projection screen.  Each team had a tablet with the same five answers, you touch the screen to select the answer you think is correct.  Get the answer right, earn points.

The first twenty questions were worth ten points apiece.  We nailed as many questions as we could, knowing the only member of the original cast of ER to win an Emmy (Juliana Margulies), the English name for the Chinese term “Gu Gong” (the Forbidden City), and which of five different rocks were not sedimentary (coal, sandstone and chalk were sedimentary, but pumice is volcanic).

We started off slow, but by the end of the first round we were in fourth place and climbing.

The second round had 20-point questions, and we popped those left and right.  And the questions that pushed us in the front were “Which of these cartoon characters has bucked teeth,” and  “Although popularized in the 1950’s, what was originally invented in Europe in the 1920’s?”

Amazing what happens when you remember watching this film.

Okay, it’s now the final round.  Ten questions to go.  Each question is worth 30 points, and we have a 90-point lead over the Times Union’s team.  I can see some of the TU players chattering, coming over to our table and questioning my affiliation with Trinity.  I almost wanted to say, “Hey, you know I’m a champion trivia player, you could have hired me,” but I didn’t.  Keep the trash talk in until the end of the game.

In the end, the Times Union team scored a respectable 880 out of a possible 1200 points.

That was good enough for second place.

Because first place … with 970 points… was the Trinity Alliance of the Capital District.

Winner winner chicken dinner!!

And with the win came a check for $5,000, which Trinity Alliance will use as part of an afterschool program for at-risk kids.  Which is a really awesome thing, and I’m glad I was able to help them achieve this win.

This feels good.  Championship win, a big check for the charity, and redemption from finishing in fourth place last year.  Feels good on all levels.

And Trinity Alliance – you can always contact me whenever you need somebody.

Oh yeah … Rick Astley’s OTHER other hit.