Albany First Presbyterian Church “First Friday” event will have two Chuck Miller artworks

As part of Albany’s “First Friday” collection of art shows and entertainment in our fair Capital City, Albany’s First Presbyterian Church will present purchasable artwork that features 200 years of the history of Troy.

Definitely cool.

And when the church’s organizer, David Hinchen, contacted me and asked if I had some artwork or photos that would fit that theme, I said yes.

Then I had to check my archives, because saying “yes” actually meant “yes I do, I just have to find the pieces.”

And after finding the artworks and getting them properly printed and framed, I’ll drop the two completed projects with Mr. Hinchen.  So yes, this is definitely waycool.  Plus, if you don’t want to buy my photos, there’s dozens of other photos and artworks that are available for the event that might fit your taste.

Oh yeah, you’re curious.  You want to know what I submitted, don’t you?

Frear's Cash Bazaar from 3rd Street, Troy NY - DSC_5697
Frear’s Cash Bazaar. Nikon D700 camera, Mir 24H fisheye lens. Photo by Chuck Miller.


This is the first one, called Frear’s Cash Bazaar.  I took this photo during my excursion into the world of ghost signs, and the only reason most people wouldn’t see this ghost sign today is that Third Street is a one-way road driving AWAY from the old Frear’s store.  Hence the orange streak of a CDTA bus that drove through my long-exposure photo.

And the second picture also came from Third Street, albeit taken at a different time.

Shoe Repair 3
Shoe Repair. AGFA Clipper Special f/6.3 camera, Kodak Ektar 100 film (two rolls), one cross-processed. Photo by Chuck Miller.


Ah, Shoe Repair.  This was taken in the middle of the night at a cobbler’s store on Third Street.  I actually set my AGFA Clipper Special F/6.3 on a tripod, opened the shutter, and advanced the film while the shutter was open – hence the appearance of marching neon shoes.  Woah.

Both of these artworks will be available for purchase during Albany’s “First Friday” event this November 4, and also on Sunday during First Presbyterian Church’s services.  And as I said before, not only are these artworks available, but so too are artworks from many of the Capital Region’s other artists and craftspeople.