The results of BUILT 2016

For the sixth consecutive year, I am fortunate in that my artworks have been accepted to the Capital Region’s premier charity art show, Historic Albany Foundation’s BUILT: Architecture Through Artists’ Eyes.  Three of my artworks – Coca-Cola 2015, The Pew of Holy Innocents, and Dream Window 17: Friday Night Fish Fry – are among the hundreds of fantastic artworks created by dozens of the Capital Region’s awesomely talented artists.

As this is my final entry for Charity Season 2016, I have several traditions that I uphold.  Traditions, superstitions, whatever you want them to be.

One of my personal traditions is the annual “Wearing of the Pins.”  See, every year BUILT has a commemorative pinback denoting the year of the show and whether the pinwearer is an artist or sponsor.  I have the past five years’ pins on my suit coat lapel, and will add the 2016 pin once I arrive at the event.

Unfortunately for me … this time tradition took a back seat to reality.

For while my artworks were at BUILT, I was miles away in a hospital bed.

Yes.  Chuck suffered a setback with his leg.  And no amount of begging and pleading could let the doctors release me so ghat I could attend BUILT.

I did hear from one of my friends that there was a frenzied bidding war for Dream Window 18: Friday Night Fish Fry,  with the final total exceeding any amount I’ve ever raised with my BUILT artworks.  That’s fantastic.

But I was still at the hospital, on the other side of Albany, worrying about my future.

I know that the old Zen koan is that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.  Zen or John Lennon,  one of the two.  This is life. And I have to find solace in the fact that even if I couldn’t be at this wonderful event and fundraiser,  I can try and plan for next year.

I did what I could, that’s true.

I’m only disappointed that I couldn’t be at the event.

But next year for sure.

I hope.

UPDATE 6:00 pm: I just found out that the other two pieces I entered in BUILT, Coca-Cola 2015 and The Pew of Holy Innocents, also sold.  Pew was claimed for $100, while Coca-Cola 2015 garnered $105.

Good news.  And congratulations also to each and everybody else who were able to sell their artworks, and to those bidders who now have beautiful Capital District art and imagery for their homes.