WD-40 really does clean toilets! Wow!!

It’s part of bachelor life.  You have to take care of yourself and you have to complete your daily tasks and chores.  You do your own laundry, you buy your own groceries, you clean your own home.  No one else will do it for you.

And with that, you also have to tackle cleaning your bathroom.  Yep.  Wipe down the vanity, clean the soap scum off the shower walls, and find a way to scrub out those hard water sediment stains in your toilet bowl.

I’ve tried several different methods of cleaning those sediment stains out – pouring half a bottle of bleach in the bowl and letting it sit; scrubbing with caustic chemicals, feeling completely worn out afterwards.

And the rust stains and sediment stains keep coming back, returning with a frequency reserved for rubber checks.

And then I discovered something.  Well, by “discovered” I mean I looked up possible cleaning products on the Internet and found…

A spray lubricant known as WD-40 has the power to remove rust and sediment stains from toilet bowls.


No, seriously?

All right… what’s the harm in trying?  Especially since there was a 2-for-1 sale on WD-40 at my local Home Depot… and since I had to pick up some cleaning and household supplies anyway, if this stuff doesn’t work, it can just stay in my work cabinet until I actually find a REAL use for it. 😀

So here’s the procedure if you’re going to use WD-40 for this project, follow these steps.  Squirt a few shots of WD-40 into the toilet bowl, let sit for a few moments, then use your toilet brush.  The rust and sediment stains will immediately slide off the toilet bowl.  One flush later … you’ll have a clean, sparkling toilet tank.

Okay … let’s do this.

A few generous shots of WD-40 in the toilet tank.  Scrub scrub scrub.  Oh hey, the stains are coming up.  A few more shots to get the stubborn rust marks.  Scrub scrub scrub.  Flush.

Woah.  Clean toilet bowl.

And with that nasty project out of the way, I had motivation to get the rest of the bathroom washed and cleaned and sanitized.

Listen, I understand it’s a silly life hack – almost a MacGyver-ish way of cleaning your commode.

But you need to know this.

After the past two weeks of miserable news in my life … everything personal and professional and emotional coming down on me like the world upon Atlas…

The fact that I could get my toilet bowl cleaned with a minimum of effort and pressure …

That may have been the best news I’ve experienced in a long while.

And maybe when the snow falls, I’ll try that vinegar-in-a-spray-bottle hack.

You know, the one where if you mix one part vinegar and three parts water in a spray bottle, and you spray your windshield the night before a frost, your windows will not freeze over in the morning?

Again … I’ll take any small bachelor-life victory I can find.