The six-month checkup

Call me Dracourage.
Call me Dracourage.

Six months ago, I purchased a new car.  In keeping with my usual choices and preferences, I stuck with a General Motors badge, and the 2013 Chevrolet Cruze became my fourth personal motor vehicle.

It’s been a decent workhorse – the car is comfortable, it has a great miles-per-gallon average, and the car has a solid Bluetooth connectivity for my cell phone.

And even though I couldn’t do my usual tradition of delivering turkey dinners for Equinox yesterday … I can still undertake a Thanksgiving holiday tradition with my vehicle.

Follow along with me.

There was once a time when I would wait in the cold for 12 hours for Best Buy to open, so that I could purchase some $200 laptop that needed $500 worth of upgrades.  Such was the time.  I don’t need to do that any more; my electronic equipment is all up to date, there aren’t any new cameras or lenses that I desire; and I really don’t need a video game system right now.

But I do want to make sure that my ride is fine-tuned and up to date.

So this morning, while all of you are trying to find parking and trying to find bargains and trying to stay festive in this holiday season…

I’m driving my Chevrolet “Dracourage” over to DePaula Chevrolet for a scheduled tune-up, oil change, tire rotation and 372-point inspection.

I can at least tell you this about Dracourage – in six months of driving this car, I’ve only had to visit the shop for routine maintenance and some hood repainting (some scuffs from when a dump truck in front of me lost some of its cargo and it landed on my front hood, scraping the paint).  And yes, as long as you keep your car maintained well, replace the fluids when necessary, and don’t do anything stupid with it – heat laps at Lebanon Valley Speedway, for example – you’ll be fine.

Yes, I can get my car maintained and checked up.  That is true.  But I also need to do this because … let’s face it … I’m not in the greatest emotional place right now.  My broken foot has turned into a broken psyche.  I hate being immobile, and I hate feeling restricted.  I need to maintain some semblance of my routine, at least until my orthopedic surgeon can determine the proper plan for my recovery.

Trust me.  I need to do this.  I’ve already missed BUILT and I’ve missed Equinox.  I have to keep some positive vibes.

So if Dracourage gets a clean bill of health on Black Friday …

That should bring me some smiles.

And if it all goes well, maybe I’ll get Dracourage a present.

I’m thinking new winter-specific windshield wipers.

And maybe a detailing.