Flannel sheets to put me to warm sleep

I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a while.  Mostly I think it’s because of my injury; other times I think it’s because of my emotional state.

I need a change.

So yesterday I drove over to Colonie Center, as I had a $10 gift card from L.L. Bean to burn off.  The gift card came from my purchasing over $50 of flannel shirts at L.L. Been last week, and I wanted to use up the gift card before it expired on Christmas Eve.

As I walked through the Colonie Center L.L. Bean outlet, I saw some really nice bedroom items – well, they looked more like bedroom cabin items, wool blankets and flannel sheets and the like.  I ran my hands over the flannel sheets.  Smooth.  Warm.  Peaceful.

I flipped the price tag over.  Yikes. Didn’t realize that L.L. Bean was actually spelled £.£. Bean.

After spending the $10 gift card on some fragrant soaps and trinkets (and checking over the prices on hiking boots, yes I need these next year if I plan on achieving my 2017 goals), I left Colonie Center en route to other stores and locales.

But I couldn’t get my mind off of those flannel sheets.  One touch and those things felt like the most comfortable slumber platforms ever.  Especially in the Capital District, where winter roars so fiercely, it can even make snow appear on my blog post.

Another stop.  Huck Finn’s Warehouse.  And sure enough, they had flannel sheets for sale.

I looked at the patterns.  Hmm.  Here’s one that won’t give me Technicolor nightmares.

Price – $18 for a fitted sheet, cover sheet and pillow case, twin bed size.  Yes, my sofabed is sized twin.  No need to buy a queen or a king bed when I have no one to share my slumbers with.

Two $18 sheet sets later, I was on my way home with my purchases.

Last night, I placed the new flannel sheets on the bed.  I’m thinking, “Yeah, Chuck, you spent $18 at Huck Finn’s for these, that’s barely one-tenth the price of the sheets at L.L. Bean.  You’ll probably only get one-tenth the amount of sleep.”

Climbed in bed.

Lights out.


And I just woke up a few moments ago.


What the hell have I been missing all this time?  Wow these sheets are comfortable and peaceful and I stayed warm all night.  And no nightmares, no insomnia, no recurring late-night thoughts at 3:00 in the morning.

And I’m feeling fresh this A.M.  Heck, I think I even have enough strength to go to the Capital District Train Show this afternoon.  Yeah, I think I will.

Just have to jump in the shower after I finish this blog post – and test out that new cake of balsam-scented soap that I bought with my $10 gift card at L.L. Bean.

No sense wasting a good gift card. 😀