K-Chuck Radio: Forgotten AOR Rock and Roll

Back in the day, when I was a college student and worked at the college radio station, our main broadcast competition wasn’t the other college stations in the area.  Trust me, WHCL could kick WPNR’s tuchus just as easily as Hamilton College used to kick Utica College’s rear in basketball.

No, we had to go up against the two rock radio stations in the area, 96.9 WOUR and 107.3 WRCK (“OUR and Rock 107”).  Trust me, these stations could play “Stairway to Heaven” every hour on the hour.

And in their defense, there were plenty of songs on their playlists that – well – I kinda liked.  Shh.  Hard to believe, but yeah it was so.  And ironically, the songs that I liked seemed to only last on those stations for about three to six weeks — then they would disappear and never be heard again.  Interesting.

Such was the case with AOR (“Album Oriented Rock”) radio.  And today, I’m going to share a few examples of those long-forgotten tracks.

Anyway, Anytime

Somewhere in that mixture of glam-metal and hair-metal came the group Wrabit, who blasted onto rock radio stations for all of about three weeks with this track.  And then they went back down the wrabit hole.

New Girl Now

This Canadian band had a massive #1 hit in their homeland with this track, and it even snuck onto rock radio stations in 1984.  It even creased the bottom of the Top 40 on pop stations.  And then it just disappeared… I guess the honeymoon was over.

So You Ran

This is what happens when the band Boston takes half a decade to record an album – several musicians who performed on Boston’s first two albums record their own LP.  “So You Ran” actually did quite well on Top 40 radio and on album-oriented rock stations, but a follow-up wasn’t in the stars.

Call To The Heart

Close your eyes and listen, and you might think this is a Journey cover band.  Nope.  It’s Greg Giuffria and his band.  Would still like to hear him cover some Journey songs, though…

Edge of a Broken Heart

I vaguely remember Vixen, only that there was some big deal about an all-female hard rock band not being able to play riffs and chords like their male counterparts.  Well, there’s a lot of male rock bands out there that never even sniffed the Top 40, while these female foxes were one up on that total.

Turn Up The Radio

The only thing I remember about Autograph was that at one point in time, they actually toured the Soviet Union while a Soviet band named Autograph toured America.  I think this is the American group.  😀

New Thing

Yes, you too can write a song that only has four notes.  And yes, if you write this song, it could actually hit the charts.  Case in point?  E’Nuff Z’Nuff.

Never To Old (To Rock and Roll)

Of course, there were the regional hits that WOUR and WRCK played to death, including this group Night Train.  Look, I could play this or I could dust off an old track by the Todd Hobin Band, don’t threaten me with a good time, kids…


Not to be confused with Whitesnake.  Or Great White.  Or Glass Tiger.  Or Coppermouith.  Okay, so I made that last one up.  Or did I?

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

And let’s wrap up this edition of K-Chuck Radio with Great White’s hit that was so big, it hasn’t been heard since.  Really.  Have you heard this on any of the Sirius/XM oldies stations?  Yeah, me neither.

And just for a kicker to end the K-Chuck Radio bloglist for today, howzabout some classic radio banter and commercials from the dearly departed Rock 107 in Utica?