Well, that was an adventure…

So let me fill everybody in.

Last night, I received my Times Union archive of blog posts from the past eight and a half years of blogging for them.  I thought everything would be fine, I simply would upload my files and combine old blog posts with new.

Unfortunately, the second I did this…

My chuckthewriterblog.wordpress.com site went crash.  Locked me out for violations of terms of service.


Never mind.  It actually gave me the impetus to create a dedicated HTTPS:// compatible website.  So now I have chuckthewriterblog.com.

I’m sorry to put everybody through all this.  But please bear with me.

I have to rearrange the furniture again.

I have to hang up the pictures again.

But this time … I’m making damn sure that we’re operating at full capacity.

Count on it like three follows two.