In the Constellation Sylvania

How strange is this cosmic world of coincidence and happenstance.

Let me explain.

It’s Monday night, and I’m in Atlantic City waiting for the announcement of the World Tavern Trivia national championships (spoiler alert: my team won).  I wanted to get some souvenirs and gifts while I was here, so I’m in the gift shop of the Landshark Bar and Tavern along the Boardwalk.

I’m looking through all the souvenir shot glasses and T-shirts and various Jimmy Buffett-branded memorabilia… and I glance out a window, noting the swirling, surly clouds in the sky.  Amazing how the stars can pierce through the clouds like that … and in that beautiful, symmetrical spiderweb-like constellation… impressive …

Hold it a second, Miller.  It’s not dark enough outside to see stars, it’s barely 8:00 p.m.  And since when could you see stars through the clouds?  And for that matter, what constellation is shaped like a spiderweb?  Arachna Major?  Jeez, Miller, you’re such a stoopnagle…

Hold it another second, Miller… those aren’t stars… they’re the reflection of the bulb lights in the souvenir shoppe, reflecting off the clean window.

Damn, that looks like a constellation.

If only I could take a picture of that.

BlackBerry PRIV camera at the ready, and …


You know, I really really like the camera on this BlackBerry PRIV.  It’s versatile, it’s quick, and I can get some down and dirty shots when I need to.

And when I finally returned home from Atlantic City, I added some digital contrast and adjusted the highlights, and…

The Constellation Sylvania. BlackBerry PRIV camera phone. Photo (c) Chuck Miller. All rights reserved.


This looks like a double exposure … but it’s really only one shot.

This looks like a constellation … but it’s really the reflection of the bulb lights through the window.

And those palm fronds in the corner… one might think this picture was taken in the twilight in Florida or in Hawai’i or in the Bahamas.

Coincidence … circumstance … happenstance … this works.

Now it needs a name.  And although I don’t know if these bulbs were Sylvania bulbs, I thought that “The Constellation Sylvania” has a nice bright luminescent ring to it.  Therefore … I christen this photo The Constellation Sylvania.

And I think the next place this belongs is in the short pile.  What do you think?

NOTE: Sylvania is a registered trademark of LEDVANCE LLC, a division of LEDVANCE GmbH, one of the world’s leading providers of lamps for professional users and retail customers.