Week 7 of the 2017 Graney’s Stout Summer Trivia League

Last night I had one of the strongest runs in a trivia game in a long, long time.

Finished off the first round perfect and in the lead.

Cleared the second round – identifying awards and trophies by seeing a picture of them – stayed in the lead.

Went five-for-five in the “huddle round” by knowing the five NFL teams with the most Super Bowl losses.  Twenty-point lead going into halftime.

This is good.  This is really, really good.

Fourth round – the music round – perfect.

Fifth round – the super-tough “Big Brain Boogie” – not a miss.

This is great.  Tonight it’s all about the Street Academy trivia team.  I got this like I got air in my lungs.

Sixth round – movie stills.  See the still, name the movie.

That gust of wind you felt was all the air escaping from my lungs.

I missed three of the five “movie still” questions, and went from a 20-point lead to fourth place in nothing flat.  Crumbs.

Well, it happens.  Let’s see what the final category is this week.

“Baby Pictures.”

Yeah, I’m doing the Whitney Houston on this.  “Oh hell no.”  Safe bet, no points, playing for raffle tickets.

Here’s the picture.  The only clue given was that this boy was born in Chicago in 1942.

Two teams got it right and leapfrogged me – and one team ahead of me bet one point, so I couldn’t have caught them.

By the way, this kid is Harrison Ford.  Yeah, I would not have recognized him without the bullwhip or the blaster or the hot rod.  Damn it.  Leading most of the night, and finish with no playoff points.

That’s trivia for you, I guess…

So here’s the new point totals after seven weeks of the game.

Week 7 of the Graney’s Stout Spring Trivia League  Starter Points for Final Game
Dan 2017: The Next Generation 13
New Phone, Who Dis 9
The Fist 8
Street Academy 6
Woo Hoo a Go Go 5
Nacho Punch  3

Seven weeks down, five weeks to go until the final game on June 28.