I have respect nouveau for Alex Trebek

You know him, you love him, you acknowledge his existence as the host of the long-running quiz show Jeopardy!.  If you’re a trivia geek, you might also know him as the host of such game shows as The Wizard of Odds, High Rollers, and others.

Yep, I’m talking about Alex Trebek.

And this morning, I want to share a very interesting clip with you, as shared by a friend of mine, fellow trivia player Dan Blake (he of the Dan 2017 trivia squad).  This clip aired in 1978 (you can tell because Alex has a big old’ Robert Reed perm going here), and it’s a collaboration of two quiz shows, Reach For The Top and Génies en herbe.  Both programs feature high school students throughout Canada as they compete in a battle of brains and trivia knowledge.  Génies en herbe ran from 1972 to 1987, while Reach For The Top aired between 1966 and 1989, with a revival a decade later.

Well, in this show, the champions of both programs compete against each other for what appears to be the coveted Beaver trophy.  And your host is none other than Alex Trebek.

But here’s the catch.  Génies en herbe features students from predominantly French-speaking educational institutions, while Reach For The Top has English-speaking champions.  Yeah, in case you haven’t heard, Canada has two official foreign languages.

Does that stop Alex Trebek?  Mais non.  Trebek, who normally hosted Reach For The Top from their studios in Toronto, did this entire episode IN BOTH LANGUAGES without hesitation or confusion or complication.

Take a look at this clip and see what I mean.


You get the feeling that Alex Trebek doesn’t need to look at the answer sheet when he’s quizzing the contestants on Jeopardy! these days?  😀