My secret entries into the New York State Fair, 2017 Edition

Yesterday, I posted my six photographic entries to the New York State Fair.  Today, I’m sharing the entries that I’m submitting for OTHER Fair competitions.

Let me explain.

Last year, I built a miniature cathedral using an old radio cabinet, lots of hand-glued glass tiles, and doll furniture.  You might remember it, The Cathedral of St. Philco.  After I built it, I decided to “step outside of my comfort zone” and submit it to a competition at the New York State Fair.  And although it was the only entry of mine last year to earn silk – I struck out in the photography category – I later discovered that the “blue ribbon” I earned was in error, I should have received a white ribbon for third place.


But even with that sweet-yet-sour result, I wanted to try this crafting thing one more time.  And as I looked through the entries in the New York State Fair’s Arts and Crafts categories … I saw another possible entry point.

No, I didn’t build another dollhouse.  Honest I didn’t.  If I built another dollhouse, you would have read fifteen blog posts about it, from conception to construction, right? 😀

Anyways, the Arts and Crafts division at the New York State Fair has a subsection called Category TT: Recycled Craft; items made from recycled materials.  And subcategory 3 offers a discipline of ‘Decorative item from recycled materials.”

You mean … something that can hang on a wall?  Something made out of an old, broken item and up-scaled into a decorative piece?


Yep, I’m submitting my original Hi Norman’s Kill Dairy wall art in the recycled craft category (Class TT), “Decorative item from recycled materials.”

And then I read the rules for other categories.  Hey, I could submit a second piece as part of a decorative wood entry, category T.

Let’s see, what to submit, what to submit…

What about …

Yeah!  I can submit my Honeywell Farms panel, just for the hell of it.  You never know, it might pick up some love from the judges.  Honeywell Farms is being entered in Category T (Wood), class 4, “Any dcorative piece.”

Keep looking, Chuck.  This is like cream cheese, you’re on a roll.

And then I found one more category.

Category TT, Class 2, “Functional home accessory or toy.”

And there’s only one item I’ve built in the past year that would certainly fit that category.

Hmm… A functional home accessory or toy… something that could also be a piece of furniture, but with the simple pull to showcase it from front to back, would instead become … oh, I don’t know … a hideaway cabinet for storing … oh, I don’t know … stuff?

Like … oh, I don’t know … the K-Chuck Cabinet??

Yes, Chuck.  Do it.  Find a way to cram the K-Chuck Cabinet into Dracourage and drag that bad boy all the way to Syracuse!

Oh, and this one’s getting entered as well.  Arts and crafts, Category TT (Recycled Craft), “Functional home accessory or toy.”

Because for the past year, the K-Chuck Cabinet has been a functional home accessory for storing my camera film.

Man, this is exciting.

So instead of simply schlepping six artworks to Syracuse, I’m bringing NINE artworks – six photos and three crafts.  I’d better not enter any more categories this year, or I’ll need the services of a station wagon.

So yeah, this could be fun.  And I don’t have as big an expectation from the arts and crafts categories … but if any of them earn silks … it’ll be a bonus nonetheless.  😀