Unless Eddie Vedder’s serving the food…

Last Sunday, I visited the Troy Flea for its first show of the 2017 season.  Didn’t find anything, but all that means is I come back next time and whatever I didn’t find then … I’ll find now.

As I arrived at the Troy Flea, I noticed a food truck.  Okay, let’s check out what’s available here.

It was only then that i noticed the name of the food truck.

That’s right … it’s called Given To Fry: A Culinary Tribute to Pearl Jam.

And no, I’m not talking about the alleged meaning of what a “pearl jam” really is.  Folks, this is a food truck that caters to the history and legend of the Seattle rock band. I kid you not.

Check out the menu, it’s right here on the side of the truck.

Now granted, having the ability to order these themed delicacies is a concept in and of itself.  In fact, I haven’t seen punny food offerings since the last time i watched an episode of Bob’s Burgers.

But I’m looking at this list, and I’m wondering… if this is truly a Pearl Jam-themed eatery, then why can’t I find some food on this menu that will make me feel Alive?

I mean, I’m willing to Yield to the possibilities, even if it hits me like a Lightning Bolt.  Everything’s pretty clear here, there’s No Code to worry about, you’re not operating vs the food truck operator, who seems to have plenty of Vitalogy in getting food out the door.  And the prices are reasonable … but not one item for Ten dollars?  Hmm…

Maybe if I did order some food, I would need a cool beverage that would Even Flow down my parched throat, and not just Spin the Black Circle a couple of hours later.  At least I can be a Better Man and not crack too many jokes about the menu … so one Last Kiss and I’m off.

And trustme on this … this isn’t even the best Pearl Jam goof run.  I’m only small potatoes when in comparison to what this guy can come up with.  😀