K-Chuck Radio: Father’s Day Funk

On today’s edition of K-Chuck Radio, I’m going to provide you with a soundtrack of the nastiest, grittiest, funk tracks ever.  This is some rare funky stuff, the kind of tracks that cost lots of money on the vintage 45 RPM market.  But they’re worth every funky penny.  And if you have a special paternal member who deserves something more than a tie and a T-shirt and barbecue grill apron, two of three which would read “World’s Greatest Dad,” play him this soundtrack of funky music.  Heck, some of these sounds are so funky, he might call your mom into the bedroom and … well, nine months later, you could have a little brother or sister to help you plan future Father’s Day events.

Let’s start off with…

Funky Thing (Pts. 1 and 2)

If you’ve ever heard Jay-Z’s song “Success,” that track features samples from this nasty groove.  Oh, and just a side note – this track was pressed on Al King Records, a subsidiary of Playboy Enterprises.  Yes, THAT Playboy.  So somewhere there’s a 70’s porn film with this being played during one of the “scenes,” I bet cha.

Psycho (Parts 1 and 2)

If you remember Archie Bell and the Drells’ fast hit “Tighten Up,” this is in the same vein.  The Fabulous Mark III came from Austin, and this super-fast Texas funk track sounds as if it came straight out of the second feature of a light-night drive-in lineup.  Dig those funky congas and flutes and wah-wah guitars!

Evil Ways

Yes, it’s the classic Santana song, but done in a super-funky way by a Texas-based latin funk band.  I’m really grooving on the Farfisa organ, the horns, and the super-funky drummer… this is the kind of stuff that works better than orange juice in waking someone up for the day.

The Champ

If you’re hearing this and thinking, “Damn I’ve heard this track before, didn’t some rapper named Onyx use it as the basis for a song called “Slam” or something?”  Yeah, well, the intro for sure.

Impeach The President

This song may not have been a hit in 1972 … but chunks of the song were sampled in nearly three dozen hip hop songs ever since.  I don’t know if this song would be a hit again in 2017 … maybe not for the samples, but for the lyrical content, perhaps? 😀


You’ve heard this song before.  It’s been sampled more times than spaghetti sauce prior to Sunday dinner.  It’s also one of the frames upon which old school hip hop is based, along with this track…

Amen Brother

At around 1:25 of this song, there is an awesome drum solo that you will hear in dozens and dozens of R&B and hip hop hits.  If drum riffs and rhythms could earn royalties, the drummer from the Winstons would be a millionaire.  Him and Bo Diddley.

Funky Drummer (Pts. 1 and 2)

What, you thought I would leave the Godfather of Soul out of this mix of nasty, deep groove classic funk?  Shame on you.  I just had to find the PERFECT song to encapsulate this playlist … and when you’ve got Clyde Stubblefield on the skins, you’ve got the perfect song for sure.

And have a great Father’s Day from all your friends here on K-Chuck Radio!