Everything sounds more exciting when Jim Ross calls the action

I will argue with anybody that the three greatest announcers to ever call a televised professional wrestling match are Gordon Solie, Joey Styles and Jim Ross.  Solie brought intelligence and excitement to the game, Styles brought energy and emotion, and “Good Ol’ J.R.” made every match seem as if it was the greatest battle in the history of the sport.

Trust me.  If you’ve ever heard Jim Ross call the legendary Undertaker-Mankind “Hell in a Cell” match, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Of course, Jim Ross’s over-the-top wrestling announcing sounds even better when it’s not pared with wrestling matches.  In fact, several YouTubers have taken Jim Ross’s wrestling match commentary and soldered it onto other events.

So here he is, along with Jerry “The King” Lawler, calling matches at your local no-checking beer hockey league game.

During the 2014 World Cup, England was poised to return to the championship – until they ran into Germany and lost a close game 7-1.  Yeah, I said a close game.  But imagine how “close” it would have been had Jim Ross been on the mike.

Jim Ross has taken the microphone for some college and pro football commentary, mostly with the Oklahoma Sooners and in the old XFL.  So it’s understandable if someone mixes the audio to allow Rams speedster Tavon Austin to act more like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Hey, what if Jim Ross called some NBA slam dunks?  “As Gawd iz my witniz, he’s broken ‘im in haff!! Stop da damn match!!!”

You may not understand the sport of Australian Rules Football, but I think it’s fair dinkum to say that Jim Ross could call a footy match if he wanted to.

This isn’t limited to sporting events.  How much more exciting could an episode of Game of Thrones be if the action scenes were narrated by Good Ol’ J.R.?

And imagine the standoff between Princess Leia and Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope if Jim Ross called the destruction of Alderaan.

Hey, let’s pair Jim Ross with some real super-powered competition – from a round of Super Smash Bros.!

Forget Megyn Kelly and Lester Holt … I want Good Ol’ J.R. to call the next Presidential debate!

And in the end, even Jim Ross has a chuckle now and again about his commentary being used as a viral soundtrack.  Here he is on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast talking about the phenomenon.

So by gawd, enjoy these Friday funnies and just imagine how different your day would look if all your interactions were called by Good Ol’ J.R.

“He took her food out of the fridge and ate it!  You dirty sonuffa bitch!”

Hee hee hee…