I guess we’re halfway there…

About two years ago, I lamented the fact that Coca-Cola’s #shareacoke campaign – in which their bottles were adorned with peoples’ first names – did not include a “Chuck” in their lineup.  And when the campaign resumed every summer, I kept looking for a “Chuck” bottle … and never found one.

The closest I came to finding a “Chuck” bottle was a “Charles” bottle once or twice… but very, very few people are allowed to call me “Charles,” and certainly not a soda company.

Yesterday, however, I found a Coke bottle with a different branding to it.

Yep… my last name was on the package.

I remember, as a kid, reading The Book of Lists and learning that – at least in the 1970’s – “Miller” was the sixth most common surname in the United States, behind Jones and Smith and Johnson, and ahead of Taylor and Anderson.  Okay.

Well, someone at the Coca-Cola advertising plant must have known this as well, as this bottle of Cherry Coke was branded as “Share a Coke with Miller.”

And there you have it.  We’re halfway there.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Coke does have an online store where you can custom-order an 8oz bottle of Coke, Diet Coke or Coke Zero with your name on it.  For an additional $2, you can even order a gift box for your customized soda label.

And from the screen shot captured at left, it looks like they’ve updated the software to allow my name to be used for promotional bottles.  I tried this tactic years ago – punched my name into the online program to order a customized bottle with my name, but for some reason the machine thought I was ordering a bottle with a profane name.

Great.  I keep forgetting that my nickname is one that’s probably not appropriate for Shirley Ellis’ “The Name Game.”  Chuck, Chuck, bo-buck, fanna-fan-fo…

Ah, but the quest continues. 😀