Agro’s Cartoon Connection – a children’s show that’s not for children?

Every so often, I find a vintage television show on YouTube that catches my interest.  And for various reasons, I want to find out more about it.

Such is the case with an Australian program called Agro’s Cartoon Connection.

If you tuned on your Oz TV in the mid-1990’s, you might have seen a puppet show with a wombat and a human co-host, with an intro that sounds like it was cribbed from an old Saved By The Bell episode.

This was Agro’s Cartoon Connection.  It had live-action clips interspersed with various cartoons.

Seems normal, right?

That is … until you discover that Agro has a very foul mouth. And a very dirty mind.  And his humor plays more towards adults than to children.

Like this clip, in which Agro and his co-host at the time, Terasa Livingstone, were coaxed to kiss from the request of a young viewer.

Um… this is considered a kid’s show?

Or this clip, in which co-host Holly Brisley had to write something in a plate of chocolate – with her tongue.  And believe me, that’s not the final sting in this clip.

In another episode, Holly does a report on a slingshot ride, which allows Agro to make a comment about a classic children’s film, Babe.  And not the most pleasant comment.

Again … this is a kid’s show???  How old are the kids watching this???

Of course, the tables can be turned on the foul-mouthed wombat, as can be seen when a wildlife expert brings some exotic animals to the TV show, including a boa constrictor – which completely freaks Agro out.  Probably freaks out the puppeteer as well.

Here’s a clip in which Agro and Terasa participate in “Sailor Moon Week,” which looks like a cosplay convention gone wild.  Man, I forgot all about Sailor Moon and how popular it was.  Of course, why would anyone talk about Sailor Moon these days, except…

And if you think these clips are raw and ribald … we’re now going to venture into the NSFW territory, the “blooper reels” and “Christmas tapes” where the show just goes completely off the rails.  Again, these clips are a bit NSFW, so if you’re going to watch them at work, at least put some headphones on.

Agro’s Cartoon Connection ran from 1989 to 1997 and is still fondly remembered by fans worldwide.  Me?  I’m not so sure how to respond to this program.  It’s definitely a show for adults who want to watch a kid’s show and who hope that the kids don’t get the adult references in the program.

In fact, here’s a nice recap of the show, 20 years after it left the airwaves, where co-host Holly Brisley reunites with Agro on a talk show.

Just another way interesting TV show to get you started in the day. 😀