7 and 7 on Saturday, August 26, 2017: Ten for Thursday

In today’s 7 and 7, I want to bring a special light to a post I’m featuring in this week’s wrapup.  Warren Roberts was a professor at the University at Albany, and he was asked years ago to contribute to the TU blog platform by then-TU blogboss Michael Huber.  He wrote off and on for several years, and his posts were quite intelligent and well-reasoned.

Then, in April, the new TU blogboss, Shannon Fromma (also known as “The Shopportunist”), informed Roberts that they didn’t want to run his blog any more.  Wow.  Not even a “would you like to continue with us” or “what can we do to help bring more readers to your posts” or anything like that.

Guess I wasn’t the only person that got the sour-milk treatment from Big Hearst.  Stay classy, Times Union…

Okay.  Let’s get back to the real reason for this post – to highlight the works of several of my fellow bloggers, both those from the TU portal and those on my blogroll.  And from the TU portal, we have:

  1. Susanne Marie Poulette’s blog, “Reappearing like the sun.(Read this first)
  2. Nina Marinello’s blog, “Maybe just a nod?
  3. Rob Hoffman in the “Hoffman Files,” “Are you a racist?
  4. Frank Robinson’s “Rational Optimist” blog, “For women only.
  5. David Kalish’s “The Ruminator” blog, “Just outside the path of totality.”
  6. Fran Rossi Szpylczyn’s “There Will Be Bread” blog, “Small s sacraments, quotidian grace.
  7. Pete Bardunias’ blog, “USS Saratoga in Action in the South Pacific.

And now, from the blogroll, let me share these with you:

  1. Professor Warren Roberts’ blog, “Reflecting on my blogs at the Times Union.” (Read this first, and leave a comment or three on his page)
  2. Rob Madeo’s “Keyboard Krumbs” blog, “Another Brick in the Paywall.
  3. 98 Acres in Albany, “A sad discovery.
  4. Aaron Bush’s “Aaron Knits” blog, “Spinning a Pixie and then off to the Fair.
  5. Carl Johnson’s “Hoxsie!” Albany history blog, “The Wellington Hotel and its Musical Owner.
  6. Roger Green’s “Rambling with Roger” blog, “Sheila E., B.B. King Blues Club, Aug 18 2017.
  7. Silvia Lilly’s “DelSo” blog, “50 esssential 4-letter words.

And there you have it.  Have a great weekend, everybody!