Where can I watch Wrestle Kingdom 12?

I make no excuses, I am a longtime professional wrestling fan.  You know, WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Lucha Underground…

But this coming January … I gotta watch this upcoming pay per view.

Let me explain.

There was a match in New Japan Pro Wrestling last year, in which Japanese wrestler Kazuchika Okada faced off against Canadian wrestler Kenny Omega.  The match was a 60-minute time limit draw, but the athleticism and technical skills of both men during the match impressed millions of professional wrestling fans worldwide.  In fact, Dave Meltzer, arguably professional wrestling’s most accomplished journalist, awarded the match an astounding six stars of quality.  Let’s put it this way.  He’s never awarded any match ever – WWE, WCW, ECW, anywhere else – more than a five-star review.

So that’s impressive in and of itself.

Then came the news yesterday, after Omega dispatched another championship competitor, he commented that there was no true competition to be had.

Then the lights went out.

And as pro wrestling fans know, when the lights go out in an arena, something ominous is about to happen.

A countdown on a video screen.

And then …

The image of one of the most accomplished, multi-talented wrestling champions of all time.

Chris Jericho.

Yes, THAT Chris Jericho.

And he challenged Omega to a championship title match for January 2018 at Wrestle Kingdom 12.

And Omega accepted.

Oh my sweet lord in heaven…

We never got to see a Ric Flair / Hulk Hogan interpromotional match when both wrestlers were in their prime.  This is on that same level and intensity.

And now I have to figure something out…

How the hell do I order Wrestle Kingdom 12?  Is it available on pay per view?  Is it part of a streaming service?  Do I have to get my passport and fly to Tokyo and see it in person?

Holy 450 shooting star press, Batman…

In wrestling parlance fan terms , I just marked out.  Big time.

And if Jericho and Omega meet in the ring at Wrestle Kingdom 12…

We could have the makings of … if not another six-star match…

Maybe there’s hope for a 7-star match??