K-Chuck Radio: The Evolution of “Solid Rock”

It’s the winter of 1982, and through a friend in Australia who sends me Oz Rock records, I discover the rock band Goanna – a rock band with a social conscience.  I also discover their #1 hit “Solid Rock” – a charging beat with a powerful statement to return tribal lands that were yanked away by colonial imperialism.

Take a listen.  I’ve only enjoyed it for the past oh let’s say 36+ years or so…

Hey, any song that starts off with a didgeridu automatically gets my attention.

Anyways, “Solid Rock” hit #1 in Australia and a few other countries, and even got into the American Hot 100 for a few weeks.

I’ve written in the past about how Goanna lead singer Shane Howard continued his social activism and conscience for humanitarian and environmental issues, from helping to keep a river in Tasmania from being redirected by a dam, to saving endangered birds from being trampled by horseracing trainers.

But today I want to focus on how this song itself has evolved.

First off, here’s a version of “Solid Rock” with Shane performing it in an acoustic rendition, for the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

And here’s a version where Shane changes the lyrics to “Solid Rock” to add the language of Australia’s first people.  Really cool.

“Solid Rock” has also become part of Australia’s hip hop fabric, as the indigenous rap crew Street Warriors partnered with Australian Idol contestant Shannon Noll powered their own version of “Solid Rock.”  Pow.

Follow that up with a bluesy rendition by Australian singer/guitarist Robbie Miller… awesome stuff…

And finally, I want to bring you this version by Australian superstar singer Jessica Mauboy – whose lineage is traced back to the indigenous Kuku Yalanji of the Queensland rainforests.  Super strong.

This is the kind of music to wake you up and get you started in the day.  So wake up, get started and enjoy the rest of the day.  Here on K-Chuck Radio.