Ohio Cardinals 103, Albany Patroons 102 – damn it…

Free throws.  Damn it, if we had just made more free throws…

Then I could have danced around the Armory with another win.

But instead, I left last night, grumbling about missed free throws.


It’s Monday night, and I’m giddy about the Patroons for another home game.  Albany has an unbeaten 2-0 record, and they’re facing the expansion Ohio Cardinals, based out of Akron and having a roster of absolutely nobody noteworthy.

And for a while, we were actually dominating the game.  Our guys were blocking, causing turnovers, and even getting some monster slam dunks into the mix.

Just like this one from Stephen Cunningham.  Yeah, I’m digging this slow-mo feature on my BlackBerry KEYone…


But you know what else is cool?

During a timeout in the game, I checked my Instagram account … and found that the Patroons social media site was now following me AND that they retweeted my little movie clip!


Works for me!

During the game, I sat with some of my friends from the second iteration of the Patroons – as well as some enthusiastic hoops fans who were keen on heckling the Ohio Cardinals players.  They got on Jesse Hardin Jr., who got rattled enough that he missed lots of shots.  Then, when their big center told Jesse not to let them get in his head, they started needling the big center.

Of course, this was fun.  And we kept it clean.  I did eventually get a good zinger off to their stringbean forward DeAndre Hall – “Hey, when the Patroons win the game, you’ll have enough time to fly back to Akron and make your morning shift at Goodyear!”

Oh that caught him good.  He turned around and started chirping at me.  For a moment, I thought I was doomed for my life … but the other hoops fans said, “Nah, don’t worry.  We got your back.  It’s all good.”

Comforting to know.

But the Cardinals kept coming back in the scorebook.  And they tied.  And they inched ahead.  And in the final moments, when we could have tied the game on free throws – Smush Parker made one of three from the line.  Then DeAndre Thomas only made one of two.  Finally, our hopes were on Torren Jones with two seconds left and Albany down by two.  He hit the first one… and clanged the second one.  Game over, damn it.

Okay, nobody said we were going to go undefeated.  Heck, even the 1990-91 Albany Patroons of the George Karl / Vincent Askew / Mario Elie / Snoop Graham / Willie McDuffie / Jeff Fryer / Albert King era lost six games out of 56 in the regular season… so we still have a chance to keep oru winning percentage up.

Next game for sure.  I know Albany has a flight to Akron for another match with the Cardinals, and then Monday night it’s back to the Armory to face the Rochester RazorSharks on Martin Luther King Day.

Can’t wait.