Forty items for the Treasure Chest – and you can contribute, too!

Several of my Facebook friends have shared a picture from an upcoming charity project.  The picture works as such – instead of giving up some pleasurable item for Lent, like sweets or the like … do something charitable that will help others.

So I decided to join the project … and am doing my own personal charitable project during the Lenten season.

Here’s how the charity project works.  Take a garbage bag, and every day go through your closet and find one item that you no longer wear.  Put that item in the bag.  At the end of forty days, take the bag to a charity and donate it.

Works for me.

So as part of the season – from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday – I will take one item per day out of my closet, out of my dressers, out of my storage bin … and will place it in a black garbage bag.

On the day after Easter Sunday, I will take the bag over to my local laundromat, and ask them to wash and dry and fold everything in the bag.

Once that’s completed, I’ll take the entire folded, cleaned collection of clothing to the Albany Damien Center, for resale in their “Treasure Chest” thrift store.

I chose the Damien Center as my charity of choice, because that charity does so much to help others whose lives are affected by HIV and AIDS.  The Damien Center helps those people live with pride and dignity, without judgment or shame.  I appreciate all that the Damien Center does in the Capital District.

If anything from my Lenten project helps those in need … then that’s a wonderful thing in and of itself.

Look, I could just gather up some clothes and drop them off in a Goodwill box … I could certainly do that.

Honestly, I’ve worked with the Damien Center in the past.  They’re good people and they do a good thing for our area.  So I’m glad to help them.  That’s important to me.

And if you want to join me in this project – whether you wish to donate your clothes to the Damien Center or to some other church, synagogue, temple, community chest or thrift shop…

I’d be very glad if you did join me on this.