You want steamed hams? I got your steamed hams right here…

It seemed such an innocuous little television skit.  Two minor characters on The Simpsons, Principal Seymour Skinner and his boss, Superintendent Chalmers, have a little three-minute storyline in an episode called “22 Short Films About Springfield.”  In the storyline, Skinner invites Chalmers to dinner, then discovers that the dinner is burning.  Rather than tell Chalmers the truth, Skinner fibs his way to offering Chalmers hamburgers from the nearby Krusty Burger fast food emporium.  And thus begat the meme about “steamed hams,” which apparently are a delicacy in – of all places – Albany, New York.  That’s right, kids, you go to Jumpin’ Jack’s and get you some steamed hams.

Here’s the original clip.

Funny, eh?

Of course, that didn’t stop people from having a bit of fun with the “steamed hams” routine.

For example … here’s the clip as it were set to the Gorillaz song “Feel Good, Inc.”

Now imagine if The Simpsons were a Japanese anime, and someone did a fan-sub (adding literal English captions under the Japanese dialogue).  You’d get this.

If you want something more recognizable, here’s an interpretation of “Steamed Hams” as if it were a Dragon Ball Z episode.

I used to love playing Guitar Hero.  Now what if the “Steamed Hams” storyline was available to play as an unlockable Guitar Hero expert level?

Then again, a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… and before you ask, yes, Skinner shot first.

Then again, if Quentin Tarantino directed this sketch, it might look a little like this…

Hey, if you’re going to make “Steamed Hams” into a movie … why not go full blast and create an epic movie trailer for it?

Someone else took episodes of Seinfeld and re-edited the dialogue to match to match, word for word, the ‘Steamed Hams” routine.  Although they did say that the dialect might have originated in Ithaca, New York rather than Utica, but you have to take what you can take.

This one is pretty funny … it’s the “Steamed Hams” clip in the style of a Twin Peaks episode.

And yes, there’s a version that encompasses “Twin Peaks: The Return.”

I’m going to regret going down this rabbit hole … maybe not… here’s a version based on “Arrested Development.”

And finally … let’s take the “Steamed Hams” clip … and merge it with Smash Mouth’s hit “All-Star” in a meeting of memes?

Okay, now I’m hungry.  Gotta get me some steamed hams for dinner… 😀