APRIL FOOL’S DAY: RCA Nipper statute vandalized with pro-Trump graffiti!

You son of a bitch.

I don’t know when you did this …

But you should be ashamed of yourself.

I drove by downtown Albany last Saturday – just taking care of some pre-Easter chores and goals – and as I drove past the Arnoff Building on Broadway, home of the big fiberglass RCA Nipper dog…

I saw this.

That’s right… it looks like some filthy dirty son of a bitch climbed up the building, broke out a spray paint can, and defaced Nipper with some Donald Trump political crapola.  Yep, I can make out “Trump 2020” on Nipper’s legs, as well as a “4 More Years” on his hind leg, and “MAGA” on Nipper’s chest.

Classy.  Real, real classy.  Stay classy, you Trumpanzee.

You know how many people have to drive past that every day?  Whoever you are, whoever would deface such a local icon, you should be ashamed of yourself.  We already have enough problems in this world with graffiti and the like, and now you have this going on?

And while we’re at it, how did Nipper get vandalized and NOBODY happened to see this?  This kind of graffiti doesn’t take five minutes to complete.  Someone must have driven by and seen the person – or persons – who would dare defile this local Albany treasure.

And if you think this side of Nipper looks horrifying … you should see the other side, it’s worse.  I didn’t want to post it on this blog, but if you’re really curious, click on this link to see.

And while we’re at it, is there any security footage from the local bars or taverns in Albany’s Warehouse District that might have some video footage?  Certainly that should be turned over to Albany’s police…

Man, of all the days I have to see an image like this…

This would have to be the right day for it.  For sure.