Is the Tech Valley Center of Gravity in my future?

If you’ve read my blog for any discrete amount of time, you know that I have a tendency to work on projects.  Dream Windows.  Crate Art Projects.  Stitching burlap endeavors.

And, for all intents and purposes, I’ve done all these things in a small two-room apartment.  Not exactly a maker studio, but I do get by.

Last night, I attended an open house at the Tech Valley Center of Gravity, a maker studio in Troy.

And let’s just say this.

I’m intrigued.

Initially I wasn’t sure I would be interested in what the Tech Valley Center of Gravity offered, just because I initially thought it was designed just for electronics and computer projects.

Then I went into the Center’s basement.  And I found the fully-stocked woodshop.  Holy crap.  There’s a band saw, and a planer, and a wood lathe, and a whole bunch of stuff here.  I could build a freakin’ bedroom set out of soda crates with all the technology here.

In the next room was a welding center.  Forget woodworking, I can build something out of metal scrap.  Wow.

And one room over – an area for stained glass and fused glass projects.  You mean I could build a Dream Window that’s more than just putting a square stained glass panel into a window? And I can work with copper foil and soldering?

Throughout all this, the Tech Valley Center of Gravity’s staff and volunteers answered all my questions, they showed me the possibility and potential for any projects I had – real and imagined – and, for all intents and purposes … I’m intrigued.

Really intrigued.

Look, if I can build what I’ve built already without the available services of the Tech Valley Center of Gravity …

What could I build if I had access to this maker space?

Right now I’m going over my possible options for membership – I want to make sure that when I sign up, it will be at the proper level for my needs. I also want to make sure I understand all the safety rules and governances of the equipment.  I want to sign up for this, for sure.  But it’s like visiting Disney World for the first time – you want to plan things out for the maximum experience and enjoyment, and not spend five hours waiting in line for one ride.

But if and when I do sign up…

I’m definitely going to raise the bar on my personal projects.

And maybe I can take the concepts I’ve stored in my brain for so long …

And turn them into something more spectacular and powerful than I’ve ever previously conceived.

And you know that’s a good thing.