I see green! I see green!!!

Update on my gardening plan.  As you know, I’m trying to grow some Diphylleia Grayi plants, also known colloquially as “skeleton flowers.”  These are the plants that have white blooming petals, and the white petals are so delicate that if they’re touched with rainwater, the petals will turn clear.

Oh what a photo that would make.

And as you know, for the past two years, I’ve tried (and killed) these plants.  Not a good scene, man.  Not in the least.

Earlier this year, I ordered four more Diphylleia Grayi plants.  The plants arrived … but the only things in the shipping crate were the plant roots and lots of soil.  So I have to plant these roots, and hope for some blooms in 2019 or whenever.

It’s fine.  I’ve got patience. It’s not like I’m planning on winning a gardening contest with these blooms.  I’m just going to hope I don’t kill them.  Again.

Two plants at one windowsill, two other plants on a second windowsill.  A little watering, a little Bio-Tone mixed in with the potting soil, nicknames of plants to coincide with 1960’s Tommy James and the Shondells hits – and now I must wait.  I gotta wait.  Plants don’t grow overnight.  It’s not like these are magic beans and I’ll wake up in the morning to find a beanstalk going up to the clouds.

Last Thursday night, I treated myself to the late night showing of Avengers: Infinity War.  So here’s what happened, let me lay some spoilers upon you –

Ah, too tired.  Gotta sleep.

Friday morning.  Okay, about those Avengers: Infinity War spoilers, let me tell you that when –

Hey, what’s that over at my plant pots?

Is that what I think it is?

In the pot I marked as “Crystal Blue Persuasion,” I’ve got …

Hokey smokes, I’ve got a growing plant!  It’s alive!  Alive, I tell you!  I didn’t kill the plant yet!!!

You laugh.  Well, at least one plant out of four is growing, so I’ll take that …

Wait a second.  Over at the pot I’ve nicknamed “Crimson and Clover” –

Is that …

It’s another plant!  Bursting through the soil and it’s got a nice thick stem to it!  Wowie kazowie!

Okay, let’s check the other two plants.  If these broke though, then maybe the others did as well.

First let’s look at the “MONY MONY” plant …

Nothing.  Just a bunch of dirt.

Perhaps the “Hanky Panky” plant has something…


if I look waaaaay down near the edge of the pot…

Maybe … right there by the lip of the pot, it looks like another itsy-bitsy teeny-weenie stem.

So right now I’ve got two solid growing plants, and two maybe plants.

That’s better than I had last year.  Or the year before.

Okay, now let’s take these outdoors and –


I’m not taking these guys out of the house, no way, no how.  These are indoor plants until further notice.  I need these bad boys to grow and grow hearty and healthy.

Besides, seeing these plants actually sprout through the soil makes me kinda happy.

Now I just wait for the white blooms.

That will make me SUPER happy.

Here’s hoping for the best.