To the smokehouse!!

It’s the first real weekend of warm weather.  Sunshine.  Decent temperatures.

And for me, it’s a chance to get outside and have some fun.  And do some stuff.  Lots of stuff.

And for me, that “do some stuff” includes finding a new butcherie.

A while back, my local butcherie, Henry’s Meats in Waterford, closed up.  This did not make me happy, as I enjoyed their juicy steak filets and “Boston cut” pork.  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s “Boston Butt” pork chops, but I usually assume that terminology with Rob Gronkowski. 😀  “You Boston Butt, you!”

Yesterday, I stopped at Rolf’s Pork House in Albany, picked up a couple of pork chops and some pork fillets, as well as some other ancillary snackfoods.  And since I was sort of in the neighborhood, I drove over to Chester’s Smokehouse on Watervliet Avenue, and purchased some smoked pork chops, some pierogis, and a container of smoked Amish butter.

Cue joke about the butter being protected by Lebanon Levi.

Last night, I fried up one of the Chester’s pork chops and four pierogis.  Tasted decent.  Might want to not use so much smoked Amish butter next time, but it’s an adjustment.

See, here’s the thing.  Over the winter, I put on a few pounds.  And I need to get rid of a few pounds.

Perhaps this is an adjustment due to the medications I’m taking for my health, I don’t know.  But if I can manufacture some different meals – the return of “Bachelor Cooking,” if you will – maybe I can stick around for a few more years.

But you also know me – I’m supportive of local stores and farmer’s markets.  I’ll go to the Saratoga farmer’s Market and usually walk out with some frozen fillets or chops, some homegrown vegetables, and maybe a pastry.  The money stays in the community, and all is good.

And as long as I can continue to work on my weight and get things back to a reasonable fighting stance …

I should be fine.

Besides, how much fun would it be to actually recreate some of these meat recipes after a YouTube binge-watch?

Remember, this is the guy who once lived on the delicacy of Spam Stroganoff.

And I’m not ashamed to say I would down a plateful of Spam Stroganoff today if I had the chance.

But for now … let’s see what I can do with these pork products, shall we?