Albany Patroons season ends…

Well, it was a fun run while it lasted.

Despite putting together some strong runs and a lead of almost 17 points, the Albany Patroons lost Game 2 of the best-of-three NAPB championship series to the Yakima Sun Kings, 112-97.  And with that … the Patroons go from “we can win in our inaugural season” to “we have unfinished business for the 2018-19 season.”

Am I upset that we lost the championship?  Of course I am.  Wouldn’t you be if your team lost to your hated rivals?  Steelers fans who circle any matchups with the Patriots, you feel my pain.

But the Patroons still put together plenty of magical moments.  We started off the season with seveal wins, including going 10-1 on the season.  Lloyd Johnson threw 53 record-scoring points in a win against Kansas City.  Xavier Moon showing super skills to earn Rookie of the Year accolades.  Edwin Ubiles rocking opponents to sleep as he scores points after points after points.

And all the guys who came through and found new contracts overseas.  Torren Jones and Shane Rector, both of whom are now lighting it up in Saudi Arabia.  And you know that there will be plenty of Patroons with offers for European or South American contracts once they return home from Washington State.

Plus, I wasn’t expecting that I would go from sitting in the front row and cheering on my team – to announcing Patroons games … to even filling in as a National Anthem singer.  Wasn’t expecting things to turn out that way.  But it’s fun that it did.

Trust me, next year we’ll be back for another run.

And there will be unfinished business.

Unfinished business … that the Patroons will certainly finish.

Trust me on this.