It’s that damn 9/10 of a cent…

It’s the ultimate consumer swindle.

How the hell do you spend 9/10 of a cent?  Do you take a pair of tinsnips and clip off 1/10th of a penny when you pay for gasoline?

Yeah, I wondered about that as well.  I know that when you see those gas prices signs on the road – you know, the ones that say how much per gallon their gasoline costs – it’s never a straight number.  It’s $2.75 and 9/10th of a cent, for example.

And this was very evident yesterday,

I was running errands, and figured I’d stop at a local gas station and fill my car’s gas tank.  Hmm.  $2.99/gallon for unleaded regular gasoline.  Damn, the price of gasoline has soared lately.  Wasn’t it about $2.25/gallon at this time last year?

But I digress.

I pulled up to the pump.  Put a gasoline nozzle in my car’s gas port.  Pump pump pump…

And then … the gas pump, sensing that my car’s gas tank had filled to apacity, automatically shut off.

And I looked at the price of gasoline … and how many gallons were in my tank …

Let’s put it this way.  At first, anyone with a need for numerical perfection would be completely wigged out by this result.

That’s right.  I’m one penny away from an even $30.00 and I’m one one-thousandth of a gallon over ten gallons.

So instead of pumping $29.99 worth of gas in the tank, I must have pumped $29.99 9/10 of gasoline in my tank.

But then, shouldn’t what I have there – if I multiplied $2.999 by 10 – equal a completely even 10.000 gallons of gasoline?

I mean, what am I going to do to make this even out properly?  Slide a turkey baster into my gas tank, extract six drops of gasoline, and then we’re even steven?

There you go.  Just something to really make you scratch your head in the morning.

I suppose that a few weeks from now, I can try this experiment again.

By that time, gasoline should be up to $3.99/gallon.

Oh, sorry …

$3.99 and 9/10 of a cent per gallon.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.