“Jamario Moon for FOUR!”

You know I’m all about the Albany Patroons.  They rule, they rock, they are the true Albany professional sports team.

And I also keep an eye out for Patroons alumni – what they’re doing, where they’re winning, all of that.

Last Friday night,I received a Facebook message from Tamara Moon, letting all her FB friends know that her husband would play his first BIG3 basketball game right now on Fox Sports 1.

By the way, tamara’s husband is Patroons superstar Jamario Moon.

Yes, THIS Jamario Moon.

Rock it! Photo taken by Christy Whitaker. BlackBerry KEYone camera phone.

No, not the goofball on the right…  But you get my meaning.

Jamario Moon was drafted by a team in the three-man BIG3 touring basketball league, the 3-Headed Monsters.  The Monsters, whose team members include former NBA stars Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Kwame Brown, are currently the last unbeaten team in the eight-man league.  And in the BIG3’s stop in Miami this week, Jamario Moon made his debut.

And what a debut he made.

A few things.  The BIG3 plays on half of an NBA regulation court, the half ends when one team reaches 25 points, the game ends when one team reaches 50 points and leads by two.  And there are several “4-point” spots on the court, where a shot from those spots will register four points on the scoreboard.  This is important.  Pay attention.

The 3-Headed Monsters faced off in the final game of the night against a squad called 3’s Company.  And trust me, that team played like Jack Tripper was their point guard and Mr. Roper was their center.  Jamario came off the bench, and his first shot was a nothing-but-net 3-pointer.  And he kept raining down threes.  I almost expected Marv Albert to say, “He’s on fiyah!”

In the closing minutes of the game, the 3-Headed Monsters were up 46-44, but 3’s Company nailed a 3-pointer to move ahead for the first time all night.  Remember, first team to 50 points wins the game.

Coach Gary Payton wanted to take Jamario Moon out so that his last-second scorer, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, could get in the game and win with a last-second shot.  But Payton didn’t have any timeouts left.  So Moon stayed in the game.

And this happened.

He ain’t doing the tomahawk chop… that’s holding up four fingers for hitting a game-winning, walk-off FOUR POINT SHOT.

That’s right, folks.  J-Luna lighting up the night and keeping the 3-Headed Monsters unbeaten on this season.

Trust me.  This is how you do it.  You do it with 24 points, 8-for-9 from the floor, four 3-pointers, and a dagger-in-the-heart four point blast.

Gold and kelly green, all the way.

Just shut down the BIG3, give J-Moon the MVP trophy, and send him over to the Golden State Warriors.  That works for me. 😀