Baron the Woodpecker and your moment of nature

Of late, I’ve discovered the simple pleasures of birding.  No, I’m not traveling into the woods, a pair of binoculars strapped around my throat, hunting for the elusive yellow-bellied sapsucker.  But on occasion, whether I’m visiting a friend’s house or spending time at a comfortable bed and breakfast, I’ve caught nature’s winged beauty through my handy BlackBerry KEYone.

Such was the case last Friday.

It’s date anight, and after a nice meal together, we’re sitting on her back patio, watching the sun set.  Ah, romance.

And then, all of a sudden …

There it is.  A small woodpecker, perched on the post that holds several bird feeders.

I slowly reach for my BlackBerry.

Set it for video.

And hope for the best.

The bird leaps from the post, lands on the suet cake holder, and noshes away on some sweet suet mixture.

And guess who caught all that footage?

Of course you know who caught all that footage.

“What should we name him?” she asked me.

I dunno … it’s a woodpecker, and the best name has already been taken by a cartoon.

“Baron.  I’ll call him Baron.”

Okay, Baron’s a fine name.  As long as it’s only spelled with one “R” and its father isn’t a micro-handed Cheeto, we’re in good shape.

So enjoy this moment of peace and tranquility to start your weekend.

Of course, if Baron brings his friends around for some more suet cake deliciousness…

Perhaps these barons can serenade us with their song.

Does this count as being serenaded by barons?