Please buy a “Chemo Comfort Package” for someone in need today

This is one of the days when I feel it’s appropriate to use this blog for a charitable fundraiser.  And if you’re able to donate … if you’re able to help today … I ask that you do.

Cancer affects all of us – those who battle this horrible disease, and the family and friends who help support in the battle.  This year, there is a fundraising challenge to help women who undergo chemotherapy treatments, by providing them with care and comfort packages during their treatments.

Chemotherapy drains the skin of moisture.  It also causes hair to fall out, and that includes the hair in eyebrows.  The “Chemo Comfort Package” will provide lotions and creams and brow pencils and even a pair of fuzzy warm socks for chemotherapy patients.

Please see the image below for more information.

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Each chemo comfort package costs $30, and you can purchase one or as many as you wish.  The packages will be delivered to those undergoing chemotherapy treatment on New Year’s Day.

Think of it as a “Secret Santa” gift for someone you’ve never met,  but who would appreciate a nice anonymous comfort gift during their battle with cancer.  And as you know, any and all positive steps – whether medical or emotional or spiritual – will help a patient stay motivated and upbeat and strong during this time.

Here is a Facebook link for more information.

Or to donate $30 directly to one of the kind souls who are participating in this “Chemo Comfort Package” drive, you can send a $30 payment to this PayPal link and it will go toward the person in charge of the charitable fundraiser.

This is a great opportunity for you to share the holiday spirit (the charitable drive runs until the end of November) and to be able to help provide some peace and comfort for those in need.

Thanks in advance.