The flannel differential

Winter is coming, and the temperature is dropping… no kidding, dude, that’s what happens in wintertime.

Last year, I purchased a flannel bed sheet set from Huck Finn’s Warehouse (now known as the Warehouse at Huck Finns, because branding).  They looked the part – black and red checkered pattern – and they felt comfortable enough, but … they just didn’t feel as warm as I was expecting they would.

Well, I never expected to suddenly feel insulated, but hey, maybe it’s me.

Yesterday, I finally decided to put the flannel sheets on my bed.  And …

Yeah, these just feel like regular sheets.

So while there’s still daylight out … a quick trip to the local stores.  Perhaps there’s a flannel sheet set that would work for my chilly slumber.

Nearly every place I went, though, was a bust.  They didn’t have those thick flannel sheets.  And if they did, they didn’t have them in a red checkerboard pattern.  And if they had those, they didn’t have them in my twin-bed size.

Okay.  I give up.  Drive back home via Wolf Road, and –

Hey wait, isn’t that a Bed Bath and Beyond over there?

And aren’t sheets part of a bed?

They’re certainly not part of a bath or beyond…

A quick stop.  They had the flannel sheets, thick insulated ones.  Red-black checkered pattern, and there were three units of twin-sheet size left on the shelves.

Two, in fact, after I left the store.

Now somebody today is reading this blog, and thinking to themselves, “Chuck, is your life so utterly boring that you have to write a blog post about the joy of discovering the perfect flannel sheet set?”

Let me explain something.  Do you notice that this blog post went live a few minutes later than usual?

Do you think there might have been a reason for this?

Like perhaps I slept in a few extra minutes because I was so warm in my flannel-sheeted bed while snowflakes fell on the Town and Village?

Yeah, thought so.

Plus, with my cataract eye surgery coming up a few weeks, I need to remain as peaceful and tranquil as possible.  And any support – whether from a human or from a bedsheet – will work for me.