7 and 7 on Saturday, December 8 2018

It’s Saturday morning, so it’s time to have that first cup of coffee, that first bowl of cornflakes, and your first glance at the blogs and podcasts and photographers I feel deserve your attention.  One day a week, I take a break and show my fellow bloggers and what they have on their minds. You should check them out.

Including this week:

  1. Carl Johnson’s Albany history blog “Hoxsie!”, “Patton & Hall.
  2. Fran Rossi Szpylczyn’s “There Will Be Bread” blog, “Waiting for Hope.
  3. Heather Fazio’s “Girl Gone Smart” blog, “A Life in Miniature.
  4. Rob Madeo’s “Keyboard Krumbs” blog, “Dogvision.
  5. Roger Green’s “Ramblin’ with Roger” blog, “Some of Us Grew Up Listening to the Beatles.
  6. Daniel Berman’s “FUSSYlittleBLOG” blog, “The Not Quite Six Fry Solution.
  7. Silvia Lilly’s “DelSo” blog, “Little Pecks Knows What You Want.

I bet there’s some great photographers and podcasters this week, so let’s check out their stuff.

  1. Jacquie Robinson’s photo blog, “Snow White.
  2. Rob Moses’ photography blog, “Calgary City Lights.
  3. Oui-Liette’s blog, “Christmas Photo Shoot in the Desert.
  4. The Adirondack Native Photography blog, “A Naturalist[‘s Prayer.
  5. Tim Jeffers’ vintage lens photography blog, “Kermit the Tree Frog.
  6. The Resurrected Camera blog, “Save Tetenal.
  7. Field Notes from Over the Hill blog, “I’m Finally in the Christmas spirit.

Have a great weekend, everybody!