“Pure” – wait, they made an Amish Mafia drama series? In Canada?

Long time readers of my blog will remember when I used to hate-watch the Discovery Channel faux-docuseries Amish Mafia, a program about the clandestine machinations among the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish and Mennonite communities.  The show was silly, it was offensive, it was hilarious, it was blasphemous.  It was one of Discovery’s hottest shows, and then, after four seasons, it finally rode off in the black-bonneted buggy of cancellation.

There were some half-hearted attempts to bring the show back, including a teaser trailer for something called The Rise and Return, but that went nowhere.

My biggest beef with Amish Mafia – besides the exploitative plotlines, the over-the-top characters, and the vulgar interactions with real-life domestic violence (one of the characters, Esther Freeman Schmucker, was beaten to a pulp by her then-boyfriend, I’Mir Williams, and the show incorporated the beating into their storylines) was that the show positioned itself as a documentary, when in fact it was a faux recap of a phony lifestyle that was less about Amish culture and life – and more about Amish exploitation.

If they had just made the series into a drama, and set aisde all the crapola about this being real life – then it would have some merit.  It would still be tasteless, but it wouldn’t be as tasteless as previously experienced.

But somehow … in 2017 … there was an additional drama series, a six-episode Canadian miniseries that … believe it or not … is coming back in 2019.

And it’s available in America, through the WGN America cable channel.  Although I haven’t really used my Hulu account in years – maybe I watched a Dragnet episode or two a long time ago – I’m thinking … do I want to get involved with this?

Then I saw the WGN America trailer for the series Pure.

Um … wow.

The show’s coming back for its second season on January 23.  And since WGN America seems to be the ONLY channel that won’t let me access an”On Demand” feature (thank you very not much, Spectrum Cable), So I need to get my Hulu account updated, sign up for an actual subscription (apparently the last time I was involved with Hulu, it was free), and binge-watch the first six episodes of this show before it debuts on WGN America.

That, or find out if WGN America streams their shows through some sort of Google Play app.

Man, the things I have to do JUST to watch some exploitative “plain folk” drama.

What a way to start the New Year.

Then again, I do have all the episodes of Amish Mafia on my iTunes account… so in a pinch… I could go back to watching Lebanon Levi and his band of merry enforcers.

It’s an option.  Right?