Goals for 2019… the “Chuck List”

So I have plans for 2019.  Obviously, one of those plans is to finish up my cataract surgery, which will happen today.

And after the recovery from the surgery … I have goals for 2019.

And those goals – my “Chuck List,” shall we say – include the following.  If I get these goals, then we’re golden.  If not, then it just means I try again next year.

These goals include:

  • Build an electrically powered artwork, in the same vein as my illuminated pieces that featured the old signs of L-Ken’s and Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry.
  • Craft a new utilitarian kitchen item out of vintage parts.
  • Sign up for the Tech Valley Center of Gravity (I’ve been putting it off for too long) and actually build things without having to clutter up my apartment with tools and parts.
  • Get more photos.  And that includes nature photos.  And maybe even some more human photos.  I still have my model friends Muse, Angela and Lauren available if needed…
  • Go see a major league baseball game in a major league stadium.  I haven’t done this in a while, and I want to do it again.
  • Photograph the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train in a way that no one else has ever photographed the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train.  I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I may have a concept that will work.  Maybe more than one concept.
  • Win at least one more trivia championship, or come very damn close to doing so.
  • Make another latch hook rug yarn project.  I said I wouldn’t do it … but how many times have you yarn-crafters said “I’ll only make one more project” and then you made another one?
  • Step in front of the microphone and co-broadcast an Albany Patroons game.  And hopefully I do it right and don’t completely make an ass of myself.
  • Do something I’ve never done before.
  • Achieve something I’ve never achieved before.
  • Overcome a fear that I’ve never been able to surpass.

It’s not much to ask.  But I’ll know that after my surgery today …

I’ll have opportunities to attack this new “Chuck List” for 2019.

And I’m ready.  And every step of the journey … you can join me with every blog post.

Let’s do this.