Eyebleach from Wunsapana Farm

Teri Conroy is a very good friend of mine, she operates a hobby farm in Altamont that is home to more than a dozen llamas (along with chickens and an alpaca).  With homage to her previous life as a writer of children’s books, she named the farm Wunsapana Farm.  Say it five times fast, you’ll get it.

Wunsapana Farm is in a pastoral, pristine section of Albany County, and the llamas all live in peace and harmony.  They have their own personalities – gentle, festive, curious – and on those occasions when I’ve visited the farm, I’ve felt peaceful and relaxed afterwards.

And in today’s world of turmoil … I want to share with you some “eyebleach.”  Eyebleach are peaceful, happy pictures and videos that will make you forget about pain and hurt.

Example.  Watch this video from Wunsapana, as the llamas discover the exisetence of a very young fawn on the other side of their fence.  Instead of chasing the fawn away, they approach it with curiosity and tenderness and warmth.

Imagine.  Someone approaching a barrier and being greeted with affection on the other side.

Click on this link and you will visit Wunsapana Farm’s Facebook page and see the video.

Feel better now?