Too much of a good thing

Wow, look at it outside.  This is the snowstorm I wanted.  All I need to do right now is get in my car, drive to Washington County, and I can get that photo of the Rexleigh Bridge that I want so badly –

Um …

Where’s my car?

I mean, there’s six or seven igloos up and down my street, which one is Dracourage?

And for that matter … even if I could dig my way through to find Dracouage, there’s this little matter of getting my car out of this wonderful little snowbank that the amazing snowplows were kind enough to build as they cleared my street.

Yeah … this ain’t happening.

Yep, this was the snowstorm that Mother Nature threatened to drop on us.  And she did.  This wasn’t one of those “sky is falling” snowstorms we get threatened with all the time, the ones where we run willy-nilly to the grocery store and stockpile on milk and toilet paper and hope to ride out.

Nope.  This is a straight-up Fred Sanford big one.

Now luckily for me, I don’t have to leave the house for anything today.  I can work on projectst, and there’s two games I can watch – National Basketball League of Canada games, mind you, I don’t care about the NFL when the Steelers aren’t in the playoffs.

So I’m going to stay hunkered down at home.

And if you have to travel out there, just be safe.  Don’t do anything crazy or stupid.

Unless there’s  nice hill by your house and you can find your old Mini-Boggan sled.

Now THAT would be fun.