May as well cancel Valentine’s Day now…

There’s so many wonderful things about Valentine’s Day… Giving your best girl flowers, taking her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, a nice romantic movie, staring in her eyes, falling in love all over again…

And then this news came out.

One of the great parts of Valentine’s Day won’t be around this year.

I’m talking about those delicious Necco Sweethearts valentine candies.

According to this news source, the New England Confectionery Company – better known as Necco – went bankrupt last year, and their products and recipes were purchased by an Ohio-based candy company, Spangler, in the bankruptcy sale.

And Spangler didn’t have enough time to produce enough candy hearts – with their ubiquitous messages of “LOVE YOU” and “I DO” and “CALL ME” and “BE MINE” – in time for the 2019 Valentine’s Day season.

See, these candy hearts are only sold during Valentine’s Day season – whether to your girlfriend or to that cute kid in 2nd grade you’ve had a crush on since kindergarten – and when Necco made the hearts, they blocked out a six-week production session where the company made ONLY the candy hearts.  Then they went back to making Necco wafers and Sky Bars and all their other confections.

Now this doesn’t mean that candy hearts won’t be around for the season –  I understand two other companies, Sour Patch and Brach’s, will have candy hearts – but let’s face it.  They’re not Necco hearts.

This is just wrong.  Wrong on so many levels.

Look, Spangler Candy Company – you need to get all your factory workers together, warm up the candy making machines, mix up the dough, come up with some cute phrases for the candy hearts, and get busy.  Now.

No, seriously.  Having Valentine’s Day without Necco candy hearts is like having Easter without Cadbury creme eggs.

Then again, I suppose there might be some “new old stock” of Necco Sweethearts candies from 2018 or earlier…

I mean, are they like Twinkies in that they’ll never grow stale? 😀